Middle School Fundraising Ideas Page 2 Results from #6

Reach out to local or national businesses to consider developing strategic corporate sponsorships. In return, you provide unique value proposition⁠s—such as co-marketing opportunities⁠ or booth space at the event. Candy bar sales for school fundraising, no cost upfront, sounds like a fundraising dream come true. Finally, a way for schools to fund raise successfully with no risk of lost profits due to unsold products. We apologize for bursting your bubble; that, our friends, is a fantasy.
easy school fundraisers is organized which helped make the process easy for first timers. You can even add your dance-a-thon to an existing field day of fun. The same creative approach can apply to your walk-a-thon or read-a-thon, depending on what your students enjoy most. Not only will kids get the spotlight to show off something they’re passionate about, but guests will have priceless entertainment. If it goes well, you might just find your most highly anticipated annual fundraising event.
So rope in some fellow spookiest, whether teachers or parents and create your own haunted house. Halloween decorations can be inexpensive, and once the lights are off, they’ll set the tone for a scary night. A walk-a-thon is a great event for students of all ages, and there are many ways to host one. Color runs have become highly popular over the years, and platforms such as MyFunRun are making it easier and easier to do. They offer all the digital materials, personal fundraising pages, and pre-registering participants. In addition to these fundraising benefits, teachers can fund classroom technology, purchase school supplies, and offer professional development to improve teaching skills.
This means that your school fundraiser supporters may be more financially overextended than in previous years. Charity auctions are a quintessential fundraising idea for nonprofit organizations because they work. All it takes is some creativity and a bit of promotion to start making a profit on merchandise. You and a few volunteers can bake delicious treats to sell on your website.
Find teachers or coaches willing to volunteer to have their heads shaved for the cheerleaders’ cause. Students vote with secret donations on which teacher they’d like to see shave their heads. The coach or teacher with the most votes (money collected) loses their hair at the next pep rally. This is great for smaller, tight-knit communities, as everyone will want to join. You could have their names placed on a plaque or brick in exchange for the $2,000 or more you could raise for your cheer squad. Just consider the best way to recognize club members for their contribution.