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We’re proud of our high ranking in multiple customer review sites and our 12-year history of providing the best novelty diploma and transcript reproductions available worldwide. These degrees also look beautiful displayed on your wall or in your office. An earlier GAO report revealed how easy it is to buy a degree from a diploma mill; this one shows high-level federal workers securing such degrees at taxpayer expense. The problem is likely even bigger, mainly because the government has no uniform way to check whether employees’ alma maters are “diploma mills” that require little, if any, academic work, the General Accounting Office reported. Understanding the truth about diploma mills and how they operate operate helps HR professionals go a long way toward ensuring each employee indeed has the education he or she is claiming, and is qualified for the position in question.
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Unfortunately, most of the students were from South Florida’s Haitian-American community. The companies who create fake replacement diploma, as well as degrees, does not provide the same features as an original document has. There are many legal institutes which have their own professional seal-mark over their official original certificates.
We offer a money back guarantee, so you cannot go wrong with our service. Go directly to our order page after you complete our online application. Additional defendants charged include “recruiters” to bring in would-be buyers.
Any institution, public or private, which wishes to name itself after a geographic region larger than a province (e.g. “South China … University”) must go through the Ministry of Education. A new regulation forbids any new university or college from being named “national”, “of China” or similar names. Illegal use of academic titles or academic degrees and “non-accredited diplomas” may lead to prosecution, conviction, fines or even imprisonment. Similar to tax havens, diploma mills frequently employ jurisdiction shopping, operating in another country or legal jurisdiction where running diploma mills is legal, standards are lax or prosecution is unlikely. Splitting the business across jurisdictions can be a way to avoid authorities. A school might operate in one jurisdiction but use a mailing address in a different jurisdiction, for example.
They may also sport legitimate qualifications that are unrelated to the subject they teach. The charges were announced about 18 months after two Florida residents, Geralda Adrien and Woosvelt Predestin, were indicted in connection with the scheme. Prosecutors said that Ms. Adrien and Mr. Predestin helped people procure fraudulent nursing diplomas and transcripts by falsely documenting that the buyers had completed the necessary courses and clinical work. Many individuals who purchased fake nursing degrees had prior experience working in healthcare as certified nursing assistants or other positions, federal officials said, which may help explain the high pass rate.
It is because he/she wants to see if you have the knowledge that is needed for the job role they are offering. If you have a fake degree that looks similar to a college degree, you can show it to the employer, till you are sure that you have the required skills and education. Once you have found the websites, the next step is to review the samples available online.
In January, the Justice Department unsealed criminal conspiracy and wire fraud charges against 25 people in connection with the sale of 7,600 fake diplomas from three now-defunct Southern Florida nursing schools for $114 million. The certificates enabled untrained individuals to sit for the national nursing board exams and at least 2,800 of them passed. Medical diploma mills have operated and have been blacklisted in the United States. They were very common before 1920s, with states even appointing judges who held no legal training. The country does not have a federal law that would unambiguously prohibit diploma mills, and the term “university” is not legally protected on a national level.
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Degrees and diplomas issued by diploma mills have been used to obtain employment, raises, or clients. Even if issuing or receiving a diploma mill qualification is legal, passing it off as an accredited one for personal gain is a crime in many jurisdictions. In some cases the diploma mill may itself be guilty of an offense, if it knew or ought to have known that the qualifications it issues are used for fraudulent purposes. While the terms “degree mill” and “diploma mill” are commonly used interchangeably, within the academic community a distinction is sometimes drawn.