Pneumatic Control Valves Engineered for Material Flow Nisco Inc Industrial Supplies and Parts

Our actuators are designed to work perfectly with third party valves by all major valve manufacturers. Your valves don’t need to be from the Valmet portfolio to receive the advantages offered by our actuators and valve automation offering. With decades of experience in the design and manufacturing of both valves and actuators, we understand what … Read more

About Aquaculture About Aquaculture

Many countries throughout the world use these techniques to bolster their economies. China uses aquaculture more than any other, but other countries with many farms include the United States, Japan, Chile, India, and Thailand. Of course, the benefits of land-based fish farming don’t stop at our salmon. Read on to see how our controlled process … Read more

Mechanical Damage Assessment for Pneumatic Control Valves Based on a Statistical Reliability Model

If you use pneumatic systems, Zoro has a selection of pneumatic muffler and pneumatic flow control valves as well. Pneumatic valves are one of an array of components responsible for controlling the pressure, rate, and amount of air as it moves through a pneumatic system. Based on other components within a given application and the … Read more

Directional Control Valves SMC Corporation of America

The observer discussed thus far is designed to reconstruct all of the state variables. In practice, some of the state variables may be accurately measured. Such accurately measurable state variables need not to be estimated. An observer that estimates fewer than state variables, where is the dimension of the state vector, is called a reduced-order … Read more

Pressure and Temperature Control Armstrong

Female NPT ends, live loaded Belleville stem seal, mounted to an industrial electric actuator NEMA 4 enclosure. Female NPT ends, live loaded Belleville stem seal, mounted to an indoor electric damper actuator NEMA 2 enclosure. Positioners also supply air pressures to the actuator at or near their supply pressures to move the valve into the … Read more

Thermotion Electronic Heater Coolant Control Valve

This type of control valve modulates flow capacity and can be diverting flow to two outlet ports or mixing two inlets to one outlet port with different temperatures or pressures. Marine applications require temperature controllers and electronic rotary actuators to operate within a positioning feedback loop. Such setups offer precise liquid flow regulation and control, … Read more